Defining a Strategic Approach to Software Investment Decision-Making

8/24/2021 09:25 - 09:55

  • A similar problem in the world has not been solved anywhere until OMK project: how to combine information about rolled metal and pipe products, and master production scheduling and planning in one information field to ensure speed reaction?
  • Development of the SCM at OMK. Why haven't we started earlier?
  • An effective strategic approach to decision-making.
  • The implementation of specialized IT systems is necessary due to the extent that it contributes to the transformation of people.
  • This session is not intended for: those who have never fallen; for non-believers in the broadest sense of the word; for those who have not followed the path of academic education and have not familiarized themselves with the dozens of key SCM fundamental works; for those who think that there are best practices and believe that there are recipes for happiness for everyone; for those who have never stood on the edge.
  • Everyone else – please welcome on board!

Victoria Bryazgina, Head of SCM Development , Independent Consultant