Using the Power of Intelligent Automation for Operational Success in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

8/23/2021 12:00 - 12:30

  • Mobile Automation is not a new technology, but intelligent automation solutions that
    deliver data driven solutions are what’s needed to maintain stability during uncertain times
  • AMRs enable supply chains to be more agile and resilient with the ability to quickly adjust
    to increased demands and growth
  • With AMRs and analytics software, you can expand visibility into workflows, analyze what is
    working well, identify where improvements can be made, and take a deep dive into real-time
    AMR data visualizations
  • In order to achieve intelligent automation within an organization, companies must
    understand how people and machines work together and also get buy in from those
    employees to adopt the new technology

Patrick Millar, Senior Product Manager, Seegrid