Leveraging IoT and Digital Ecosystem to Transform Customer Experience and Accelerate Value Creation within Healthcare Industry

8/23/2021 16:25 - 16:55

  • Dynamic and Evolving Global Healthcare ecosystem and technology landscape provides a unique opportunity for a Supply Chain to collaborate with Commercial partners and external customers to shape Go to Market Model/Channel strategies, make needed trade-offs and Accelerate Value Creation for the business.
  • Digitally enabled Advanced Capabilities and our Customer Experience Ecosystem has been instrumental not only in transforming customer experience, accelerate value creation but doing so while enabling needed agility and resilience within our value chain. Besides our strategy and Customer Experience Ecosystem, will share how these capabilities were critical enablers for us to launch and scale up our COVID-19 vaccine globally.

Samir Gami, Senior Director, Advanced Customer Capabilities J&J Supply Chain - Janssen/ Pharma, Johnson & Johnson