Tales From the COVID Front

10/19/2020 15:50 - 16:25

  • Throughout history, front line operators have relied on the logistics tail to ensure their survival and effectiveness in the field. The battle against COVID19 is no different from those waged over millennia – only that our enemy is invisible. 
  • As a key logistician in the war on COVID19, Motz will share his experiences supporting two large hospital systems based in California. The talk will include a view to how hospitals activate and manage 24 hour command centers - often stretching beyond the hospital buildings.
  • Further examples will include how healthcare workers and other industries have innovated in a time of urgent supply shortages.  Motz will share personal stories of chasing “vapor” PPE, enabling local and global manufacturing, and helping stand up a surge hospital in 2 weeks.

Motz Feinberg, Vice President Supply Chain, Operations, Cedars-Sinai