When Cultures Collide: Implications on the Supply Chain Strategy After a Corporate Merger, Acquisition or Fusion.

10/21/2019 11:25 - 12:00

Nowadays, business environment is full of constant changes. One of these changes has to do with mergers, acquisitions, fusions, buy outs, etc, where one company acquires, or it is absorbed by another organization. As expected, this brings an important number of effects into the brand-new organization, because now, it is not Company A or Company B, but a new organization, “C”, which has elements of both companies and new ones that will be just emerging.  

This session intends to talk about what are the main challenges experienced in such business transactions, focused on the supply chain side of the business. Examples will be given, and also ideas on how these challenges can be overcome or alleviated, aiming to achieve the emergence of a successful new corporate culture.

Marco Padilla-Ordonez, Global Director, Supply Chain Management, GST Autoleather